CAIR-AZ Reaction to Supreme Court’s SB 1070 Ruling



(PHOENIX, AZ, 6/25/12)  CAIR-Arizona Statement on Supreme Court’s SB1070 Ruling

In reaction to today’s Supreme Court Ruling regarding Arizona’s Proposed Immigration Bill SB 1070, the Council on American Islamic Relations Arizona Chapter released the following statement:

“While we are pleased with the Supreme Court striking down 3 out of the 4 key provisions in the controversial bill, we are deeply concerned about allowing the “papers-please” provision to remain in the bill. This provision gives law-enforcement the allowance to profile and detain individuals solely based upon their ethnic appearance,” said Anas Hlayhel CAIR-AZ Chairman.

Hlayhel also stated “CAIR-AZ will continue to stand with the civil rights community in opposition of the “papers-please” provision in the bill. Additionally, we are in strong opposition of the use of racial profiling in all cases by the law enforcement community.

Also see: CAIR Supports the End Racial Profiling Act

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CAIR Arizona Office Manager

Tayyibah Amatullah, 602-312-2223, E-mail:

CAIR National Communications Director

Ibrahim Hooper, 202-744-7726, E-Mail:


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